As more of us come online, as networks improve, and as society decentralizes, realtime audio and video will be the cornerstone of how we connect and communicate with others around the world. For developers building products of the future, adding and scaling audio and video capabilities is hard and requires domain expertise divergent from their product’s core experience.

LiveKit is building infrastructure and APIs for massive-scale, realtime audio and video communications — enabling high quality and highly reliable, live connections from anywhere. By abstracting away the complexity of audio and video, developers can craft experiences that leverage these features with little code. However, it’s also important that access to this infrastructure is available to all, which is why LiveKit is and always will be free and open source, software.

We envision LiveKit as the substrate upon which the realtime Internet will manifest. But, without your help, this vision will remain a dream. We know you believe in the impact this technology will have on our futures, so we’d love to work together, to bring it here faster.

Fear not, our company will make money and you’ll be compensated well, but the reason we’re working on this — instead of the next Instagram — is because the world needs it, especially now. LiveKit is already being integrated into drones, classrooms, doctor’s offices, and virtual worlds. We’re constantly amazed by the imaginative ways builders are using this platform, and we can’t wait for you to join our team and make it better! We hope to see you soon. 🙂


All positions:

🌏 Remote

💰 Competitive equity and salary

💊 Medical, dental, vision coverage

🌴 Flexible vacations

🤒 Unlimited sick days

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